Market Garden Männiniidu

Located at 15-minute drive from Rakvere as well as from Kiviõli, next to Sõmeru-Kabala motorway. Coming from Rakvere cross the bridge of Kunda river and 200 meters from the bridge you find our market garden with a proper parking lot so that even buses full of visitors from far, far away can come to see us 🙂

We started floriculture at Männiniidu in 2010 and since then our flowers have been decorating a great deal of town and municipality centers, enterprises and private gardens. Kunda and Tapa town and Tamsalu, Väike-Maarja, Haljala and Sõmeru municipality are just a short list of our clients.

Our market garden is small but well-heeled. Those who have visited are pleased and become our regular clients. There has to be a reason …

Our aim is to make more flower power. This is also a reason why we have established a little garden so that pleasure from flowers could be even bigger. We have almost 350 different taxons. We find that every flower merchant should have their own garden. Ours is far from perfect, it’s never ready, but it’s opened for everyone who is interested. Who like – enjoy, who don’t – start your own and let’s compare results 🙂


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