Uhaku rest stop

Ida-Viru County, Northern Shore of Lake Peipus Recreation Area

The rest stop is at Uhaku karst area. Here the river Erra sinks, flowing as a subterranean river to the Purtse river valley, where it opens as springs. The flow rate of the underground river is up to 1300 l/s.
Phone: +372 5681 5722
E-mail: info.kauksi@rmk.ee
Type of object: Rest Stop
Parking facilities: Turning from the main road, roadside parking at the Uhaku rest stop
Amenities: Information board, 2 benches
Sights: Uhaku karst
Additional information: The recreation site is situated in the Uhaku karst region. The Erra River disappears in the karst region and runs as a subterranean river up to the Purtse River valley where it opens as springs. The water flow of the subterranean river is up to 1,300 litres per second, the total water flow of the springs is only 300 litres per second.
The Erra River bed has a number of sinkholes, of which Suurhaud (‘Grand Grave’) is the largest. During inundation, when Suurhaud sinkhole floods over, a 1.5 m high Uhaku waterfall is formed, flowing along the Erra River bed to the Purtse River.
Restrictions: According to the nature conservation rules, motorised vehicle traffic is prohibited outside roads and paths. Campfires can be made only in designated sites.
Location: Erra, Sonda municipality
Driving directions: Drive from Lüganuse towards Erra. The road turns left towards Maidla, the Uhaku recreation site is 100 m from the junction, on the field to your right.
Geographic coordinates: Long-Lat WGS 84
latitude: 59.369151
longitude: 27.0300220
L-EST 97 x: 6585128.5 y: 67237.7