Heart of Virumaa

In the area of Virumaa Koostöökogu all tourism service providers have gathered in a network called “SüdameTee”. Together we can be better. And supporting each other, offering our guests various services, we can enable nice holidays through various activities.  Our area is small but diverse. You can choose between quiet and romantic walk or have an adventurous day having extreme adrenaline filled experiences – all and all, it’s a best place to spend your active holidays. Take time and spend your holidays with friends or family in Heart of Virumaa!


Take time and spend your holidays in Heart of Virumaa.


By 2020 the SüdameTee (RoadOfHart) tourism network offers various tourism services for active holidays. Based on symbiosis of artificial and natural landscape we will have most famous and highly valued adventurous tourism infrastructure in Estonia!