Lüganuse Church

Lüganuse Church (Lüganuse Johannes’ Church) is Lutherian church which belongs to EELK (Estonian Evangelistic Lutherian Church) and is located in Lüganuse parish. Church has its own congregation and historically it has been the main church of the Lüganuse parish.

Lüganuse church (Luggenhusen in German) was built in the midst of 14th century and from original building the horizontal part is retained. Church was first mentioned in 1373, altar and tower was built later. Church was established by representative of Taube family and originally the coat of arms of Taube family was presented on the door of the church.
Church got damaged during Russian-Swedish war in 1656. During Great Northern War no damage was done to the architecture of the church.

In 1901 the church was fully renovated.


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