Monument of Stupidity

Monument is established in 2003. In autumn 2010 it appeared that some additions to the monument have been made.

• Monument is dedicated to period from 1991 to 2002 because author is not sure how life will continue in Estonia when ResPublica is countinuosly leading political party in Estonia.
• The essence of the monument and texts related to it are for interpreting as one wishes. It is planned to establish a park around the monument where passers-by could rest and think about the meaning and message of the monument.
• Author thinks that money and acquaintances mean day by day more and have a huge role in our lives. Every day we meet more lameness and indifference around us. People distance from each other more and more, it is long past just about distancing process between people and government
• First it was planned to place Estonian kroon on a shape of stump because our forest was the guarantee for the kroon.
• Monument needs addition – stone plate with Estonian coat of arms with its three leopards – one looking another direction.
• On the back of the monument there will be a plate with a text – “Monument of Stupidity – throne and kroon for the government of free country”.


  • Võlumäe küla
  • Lääne-Virumaa