Ojasaare Nature Hike

Golf course is one part of Ojasaare where you can enjoy active holidays in beautiful nature. We have created a possibility in Eastern Virumaa to practice golf and get training nearby. We are waiting for visitors who love fresh air, activities outside and enjoy nature. Ojasaare is suitable for family vacations as well as corporate gatherings.

Active holidays

Golf – we offer basic training of golf.
Possibility to get green card.
PAR 58 course.
Golf equipment rental.
Tennis – unique tennis field with natural grass.
Buildings – cozy rubble stone house for active tourist.
Trainings and schooling.
Family and corporate events.
Seminar room.

Places up to 50 people.

Partners: Pagarikoda (BakeryChamber) catering on pre-order.


  • Ojasaare talu
  • Aarla 46714 Vinni vald
  • Lääne- Virumaa
  • www.ojasaare.ee
  • info@ojasaare.ee
  • +37 2502 7425
  • FB: Ojasaare
  • Instagram: ojasaaregolf