Route 3 & 4 Sonda

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Route No. 3
Uljaste – Pada
Homestead of M. Laks / Memorial stone
Village / Dimple stones / River valley and ruins of Samma Manor
Ancient Forest of Samma & scarifying spring / Eye Spring/ Curing Spring
Pada manor-mill
Fortress / Pada
Pada Manor complex: ruins of main building, greenhouse stable, vodka cellar, vodka factory, park, gates.
Dimple stones
Location of village mark
Goat farm
Uljaste school
Memorial stone for victims of terror of WWII
Linnamägi / Fortress / Memorial Stone of M. Laks

Route No. 4
Sonda – Sirtsi
Sonda train station
Sonda-Mustvee rail road memorial
Sonda-Sirtsi- Oandu road
Sirtsi boulder