Route No. 5 & 6 Kõrtsialuse

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Route No. 5
Kõrtsialuse Guesthouse and activity Centre – Kalvi – Aseri
Kõrtsialuse Guesthouse
Aseri windmill park
Oru village
Serva mill
Kunda well in Aseriaru village
Kalvi community house
Kalvi Manor
Kalvi beach
Ruins of vodka-factory
Kalvi smithery, manor complex
Ruins of lime burning oven
Former sand quarry and swimming area down the cliff of Kalvi
Memorial stone
Aseriaru sea observation
Former slate quarry, army polygon
Location of Aseri Manor
Memorial for victims of holocaust
Wienerberger brick factory in Aseri
Ruins of cement factory
Aseri pond
Clay quarry
Area of future harbor
Chimnies of Aseri brick facotry
Aseri center, pond, park
Memorial, former cemetary
Meriküla creek

Route No 6.
Kõrtsialuse – Kestla – Rannu
Kõrtsialuse guesthouse
Kõrkküla sea view
Kõrkküla stone cross
Kestla village
Kestla stones
Kestla archeological area
Rannu-Kestla mire
Former slate hole of Rannu
Rannu park