Route No. 7

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Hostel Tuhamäe – Erra – Purtse -Liimala – Lüganuse
Erra Manor park
Vainu dimple stones – left side from the road on the field, 15.
Uguli-stone – Devils footprint
Possible to turn back on 7.7 km and make route longer 1.5 km to see hydropower station.
Bigstone Boulder
Liimala beach, crossing with international bike-route 10
Purtse Yacht harbour
Tara fortress spot
Park of Victims of Violence, marked
Hiiemägi Sacrifice spot
Giant Linden
Uku-spring and stone burial mound, view and hiking trail
Purtse Fortress and Brewery
Tara shore
Silma spring (Eye spring)
Next to Lüganuse cemetary bridge stone burial mound of Tartu-Jaagu
Lüganuse village house and tennis courts
Lüganuse church and ruins of chapel, Monument of War of Freedom.
Püssi Manor Complex (school, park, courthouse, ox stable, cart shed, smithery etc)
Uhaku Karst