Sirtsi Boulder ja Sirtsi mire

Sirtsi boulder is in Eastern Virumaa, Lüganuse parish Sirtsi village. It is 9.8 m long, 2.7 m high and 26.7 meters in perimeter.

Sirtsi (also Sirtsu) mire is a swamp massive on the border of Eastern and Western Virumaa, on the foot of Pandivere uplands. It is 5644 ha and is a part of Lüganuse and Vinni parish.

Mire is a result of swamping of the lake area of Baltic impounded lake basin. The turf layer in mire is up to 6 meters. Sirtsi together with Muraka bog and Puhatu maremma is a part of Alutaguse bog and maremma massives.

There are lots of hags. Sirtsi is planned to re-establish from 2015 to 2020 from funds of LIFE and KIK programs (Mires Estonia project). Re-establishing the natural mire water regime and dams for drainage canals are planned. It is necessary because of the fact that mires are part of Natura 2000 high priority targets. The area of planned re-established Sirtsi mire – 2778 ha – is a part of protected area.

In order to protect the area in 2001 nature resort of Sirtsi, 6830,3 ha, is registered. Beforehand there was a mire resort registered in 1981.